Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

All you can eat pizza buffets
      because sometimes all you need are carbs. And more carbs.
      who meet you for pizza buffets and stuff themselves silly with you,       even when they really wanted panera.
"you could take a lawn chair...or a canoe" 
      (to sit on when you're late to class)
seeing the floor
      My sewing stuff is all put away until thanksgiving break, and I have a floor again!  And a desk, and a dresser top....
New thrift shops
      that are epically big and have
28 cent carpet bags
      that will fit my entire shoe collection.  Theoretically.
Epic train rides
      to fun places with awesome people
drinking enough water
     makes me feel good.  Except for the part where I pee every ten minutes.  you know.
freshly painted nails
     are just pretty.  Moreso when painted with friends.

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