Friday, August 5, 2011

Party Time!

Hey, I'm going to a party today! It's Oona's birthday!  She's just about the coolest crafter to grace the internet.  Go say happy birthday to her!  I'm bringing my mom's world famous tripple chocolate cake to the party.  Chocolate cake, chocolate chips, chocolate frosting.  Hungry yet?  I am.

I love this dress.  My mom thinks that it makes me look naked, but I feel like a fairy princess in it.  I got it for homecoming sophomore year of high school, and it still fits and I still love it, unlike a lot of my other questionable formal choices... Plus, it was only $13!  Gotta love forever 21.

I'm so glad to be at this party.  I have to work all afternoon and into the night, and knowing that I'm somewhere else enjoying chocolate cake, pretty dresses, and good company is making me feel better.  Also, I love how that sentence makes no sense at all.


  1. that sentence makes more sense than you know!!!

    momma may be protective, but non, the dress is a piece of fairy dust! i actually thought you needed a tiara to go with it when i saw the pic :))

    and triple chocolate cake?!! HELLS YEAHZ!!

  2. No, no, it's your day to wear a tiara! Birthday Girl priority!