Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Thoughts for Thursday


This weather is fantastic.  I'm so glad that it's finally getting cold out.  It's time for knitwear!

The internet banding together. Everyone knows that we are a community, and yesterday proved it.  Sopa was put down.  There will likely be more attempts to rekindle it in the future, so we'll all have to keep working to protect this thing that we love.  Also, kind of related to this, the personhood amendment didn't pass either!

Speaking of the internet, when Tumblr was blocked off yesterday as part of the protest activity I didn't know what to do with my life.  Tumblr is such a great way to waste my time; it doesn't even feel like waste, because I enjoy it.  As long as I'm having fun then I'm not wasting time, right?

Anastasia.  I watched it last night with some friends, and I'll be humming that song all day now.  Actually, the whole soundtrack is great. It's such a good movie!

One week left until Thanksgiving.  I'm going home!  I get to see my family and some friends.  I can't wait! Also, a little break from school work will be nice.

Knitting time.  With Thanksgiving break coming up, I have at least 18 hours in a car to look forward to, with going home and coming back for marching band, and then going home and coming back again.  That means 18 hours of knitting time.  Hopefully I can finish my sweater in that.  I only have one sleeve left!

Good workouts.  You know, those days when motivation is there and you're on a roll.  Love it.

Being able to walk.  I pulled a muscle in my back last week.  It still hurts every once in a while, but for the most part it feels a lot better.  I'm not hobbling around anymore, at least.  The one good thing about injuries is that once you heal you appreciate your health so much more.

My Roommate.  About a month and a half ago, mu roommate and I were talking about how some of our other friends.  They were roommates last year, and by the end of the year were so angry with each other that they stopped talking, passive-aggressive style.  We didn't want that to happen to us, so we agreed to pick a random day to stop talking, to get it out of the way so that we wouldn't have to deal with it later.  That day came this week.  We didn't talk for 3 hours, and then were practically begging for it to be over. So now we're friends again, and life is wonderful.  I seriously love my roommate this year.  She's awesome.

Creeping.  Another suitemate and I creeped pretty hard this week.  We're good at it.

Tea.  This is my roommate's fault too.  I never drank coffee before this year, and now I can't get enough of it.  Sometimes I want coffee at night too, just to have something hot to drink, but I don't want to get all caffeinated right before bed.  The roommate introduced me to tea.  She has a huge collection of tea bags right now that she said I have free reign over.  I already knew that I liked Chai tea, but the jury is still out on other kinds.  There are just so many different types of teas that I don't think I'll ever be able to say if I like it or not.  I mean, I do like a lot of it, but I feel like I need to be able to say what I like specifically.  So far I like chai, and plain tea with honey in it.  Yum.

Avatar marathon.  Our suite has been watching the first season since Sunday.  We're almost done with it.  I want to say that it's a fantastic show, but I used that adjective once already today, and have gone to use it on pretty much everything on this list.  I type it out, and then delete it; I don't want to sound too repetitive.   I really need to work on my vocabulary.

Learning for fun.  I thought that this article on the 'American Cowboy' was funny and relevant.  In theory it explains a lot...

Classes where I want to learn.  I fully plan on sleeping in my first class today.  The classes after that one I'm excited to go to, though.  My last class of the day is on social policy, and it's really very interesting, and the teacher is hilarious.

Being on top of school work.  After break, there is one week, and then it's hell week: I have 4 papers due and 3 projects to present.  I'm trying to get all of my busy work out of the way this week, and so far everything's going according to schedule.  Win.

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  1. I love, love, love reading other peoples' happy lists, so inspiring, and yours is just lovely! Thank you for sharing xo