Thursday, November 17, 2011


 It is freezing out today.  I'm supposed to be dressed up, so I wasn't going to wear my trademark colorful tights.  I put these ones on with the intention of putting grey ones on over them, to layer for warmth.  I just couldn't cover up the color, though.  Instead, I took them back off and put purple ones on underneath.  Go layers go.  I'm also wearing two sweaters.  I have them buttoned together so that they sit nicely.  I think it worked pretty well.  Also, I'm wearing a blue dress and blue tights, and my coat and gloves are blue.  I'm channeling my inner smurf right now.
I had a decently productive day, which is good.  I finished reading both A Room of One's Own and Existentialism and Human Emotions.  They're definitely both books that I plan on reading again.  This is the second time that I've read EHE, and this time it made so much more sense.  I can only imagine that I'll understand even more of it in another year or so.  That's one of the wonderful things about books.  The words never change, but the book always gives you something different.  So far, I'm a fan of existentialism.  There are things about it that I still don't completely understand, but time will hopefully change that.

I also started planning out my final paper for my humanities class.  It's supposed to be answering the question, why is teaching humanities important?  At first glance it seems like an easy enough paper, excepting the fact that it is supposed to be 12-15 pages long.  The logical way to go about this, I thought, would be to do the usual essay format of reasons A, B, C, and on, until I run out of ideas or reach my page limit.  However, this is my 3rd semester with this teacher, and he taught us a very different essay style that is much more complex, and much more fun to write.  I did some preliminary planning to see if I could pull off that second type of paper, not expecting to be able to.  Instead I spent an hour thinking myself in circles, chasing thoughts around and having idea after idea.  Now I'm not so sure that I can fit this into only 12-15 pages.  I love brains.  They're a good invention.

Outfit Details
Dress: self made
Sweaters: Old Navy (black) and H&M (grey)
Tights: Urban Outfitters (the purple ones too!)
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Blowfish

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  1. The colours in your outfit do work together beautifully, and I can see why you didn't want to cover up those gorgeous tights! Great colour!
    I like your self-made dress too...
    (and thanks for your comment on my blog too)