Friday, December 23, 2011

Fly free

On Sunday I went to JoAnn Fabrics with my brother, looking for something to occupy myself with over break.  I had an idea for a project that I'll be starting next week that I needed fabric for.  In addition to what I was looking for, I found this bird-printed flannel in the clearance section.  For $2.17 I got a yard of it.  Usually cutesy flannel is a no-brainer for pajama pants; however, I have an aversion to wearing pants to bed.  So, I made myself a skirt instead.  
I cut the yardage in half, and cut a strip off of the top of one side to make the waistband out of.  This left me with two uneven rectangles.  Instead of making them match up exactly, I cut tapering triangles out of the top of the larger piece, so that my side lengths matched, but the skirt would still be slightly longer in the back.  You can really see it when it's hanging up with the waistbands matching up, but while it's being worn it's not that obvious.  I thought this was kind of a great idea, although my mother disagreed.  I tend to wear my skirts lower in the front, but with this one I'm more confident that my rear end will stay covered.  
I lined the waistband with the sleeve of a man's dress shirt that I bought from goodwill for a dollar.  Remember that awesome video of different ways to wear a man's shirt?  Yeah, it didn't work that well for me.  But I have lots of plans for my man's shirt that involve chopping it to bits, and fully getting my money's worth from it.  
I'm also really happy with how the pocket turned out.  Usually I add pockets in as a last minute detail, and end up screwing it up somehow.  In the past, they've been too narrow to hold anything, the opening has been to small to get my hand into, and it's just looked sloppy from the outside.  This one works, though.  Also, I think that it looks even better than it did at first, after I ironed it and the pleats.  If there's one thing that my mother has taught me, it's that an iron can work wonders.  Don't ever give up on something until you've ironed it.  
Isn't the pattern the cutest?  
Since it's flannel, it tends to stick on itself, so I have to be careful not to flash everyone when I stand up.  Also, it turned out maybe 2 inches shorter than I would have liked it, but that's my own fault for not buying more of it.  I had a 2x4 inch piece left over, so there was no way to lengthen it.  Overall I'm really pleased with this.  I'm not sure that I'll wear it terribly much, but maybe I will.  If not, I'm sure I'll be able to find it a happy home.  

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  1. I love the print, the fabric looks absolutely cosy! I agree with skirts needing to be longer at the back. My big bum means I often feel I'm exposing myself even if the waistband is straight. Genius!