Friday, December 9, 2011

Tickle Me Dress

This is my creation from fall break.  I realize that that was ages ago, and that I really ought to be better about posting about these things.  I was really impressed with how well this turned out, considering how much time I put in to it.  I drew out my directions at work the week before break, trying to figure out how best to attach the lining and piece it all together.  
 I used the same pattern as the gatsby dress, altered to fix the problems that I'd had last time.  I also switched to a rectangle skirt, from the circle I used last time.  That saved me a lot of time, since normally I draft all my patterns out by hand.

I got the purple linen from the Pilsen fabric store that I love.  I also got the zipper there.  It was intended for another project, but I like it better in this one.  The lining is an old pillow case that was white at one time, and has yellow with age.  It's very stiff, especially compared to the linen.  I really liked the combination of colors.  It makes me feel a bit like an easter egg, no lie.
 I'm really happy with the way the lining came out, for the most part.  I only lined the bodice, but all the seams came out nice and straight.
 The only parts that I'm unhappy with are the hearts.  One side came out fine, but the other one is a gaping blob.  They look really bad from the inside, too.  I wanted to jump on the cut-out heart bandwagon, but didn't want to go for a huge cut out that would make me feel underdressed.  These side cut out hearts are just small enough, and perfectly placed, for tickling.

Oh, and I cut out the waistband that the gatsby dress had, and this version looks a lot frumpier.  I really can't wear it without the belt without looking like prego.
I've fallen in love with the deep hem.  I've been doing it on all my projects lately.  I don't know if it actually makes it look better, but it makes me happy, and that's what matters, right?


  1. wow, really great job! i love the cutouts- i always had issues with those buggers... and i'm not much of a pattern person! the dress is beautiful though :)

  2. This is completely fabulous! What a great idea for a discreet heart cut-out. I like your version much better than any others I've seen...