Monday, January 23, 2012

Garden of Dreams

This clip is the end of David Maslanka's 4th symphony.  It is wonderful.  Give it a listen, but don't expect to be able to speak for a few minutes afterwards.  It's that impressive.

I'm not really sure that this outfit "matches" today's music.  They usually don't.  I feel like I just use music monday as an excuse to play around on polyvore.  I can try to say that this outfit goes with with music, that the prints and the shapes are slightly childish and innocent.  Or, I can just admit that I like music and I like clothes, and I'll take any reason to share the love.
Maslankablouse, blazer, skirt, tight, socks, shoes, bag, hat

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  1. Okay, okay this is music bliss! Thanks for making my Monday morning acceptable!