Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Coffee is delicious.

Speaking spanish with my friends is a lot of fun, and it's educational!  "Kayla has a dog, four cats, and two cowboys".  Hahaha.

I've practically been living on skype for the past few days.  The whole computer aspect of that kind of sucks, but the Boyfriend and I have had a lot of interesting conversations.  Its good to be able to talk to him, even if it is until 1am.  Who needs sleep?

Planning on sleeping in on Saturday.  Since I've been up until 1 every night this week.

New internet friends! Here and here.


Anime.  When I was in grade school the only tv shows that I loved were Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing.  However, I could never watch them because my mom worked and I was stuck at school until 6pm every night.  Then, in middle school I started watching Fruits Basket with a friend who owned the DVDs.  Since then, I've fallen off the Anime bandwagon.  I always wished I could watch some, but they're so expensive! My roommate has a Fruits Basket poster, and yesterday I was looking at it and feeling nostalgic.  I told her that I wished I could re-watch it, and we talked about seeing if we could find it in the library.  The conversation changed, and she told me that I should watch Ouron High School Host Club in the meantime.  I found it online, and watched the first episode.  It's so cute!  I don't love it yet, but it's pretty good.  Then I had a realization: I can probably find Fruits Basket online too.  Why did I never think of that before??

Talking about politics.  With Boyfriend, with Roommate, with my new friend from my social work classes.  I just love it.  Let's do it more, ok?  Allison posted something related here that you should check out!

This dress:

 Let me explain a litte.  My Grandma picked this dress out for me for Christmas.  I love the shape of this, I love the collar and the cuffs.  But.  Look.  At.  The.  Print.  I think they're supposed to be tulips, but they look more like...guy stuff.  MY GRANDMA BOUGHT ME A PENIS DRESS.  I can't get over it.  Hilarious!


  1. today was definitely a coffe day for me!! ;) sometimes its needed to get through the day! ;)

    cute dress!!

    love K

    1. But agreed, the pattern totally freaks me out when you look closer, hahahahh

  2. Oh lanta. Just died laughing! That is seriously hilarious :) Oh dear, I didn't notice until the close up though!