Friday, January 20, 2012

HRC: Collar

Read more about this project: inspiration, making the ruboff, and tailoring the front
 This was the next to last step for making the blazer, and the last one that I have photographic evidence of!  Woohoo, almost done.  Still following the directions in the Tailoring book from the library, I drew on my lines and pad-stitched over all of them.  You can see how the collar is bent in the middle, which was the object of the stitching.  
 Look, ma, no stitches!  This side won't be visible anyway, as it is the undercollar, but I am still proud of the fact that there are no visible stitches.  Once I sewed the collar to the jacket body I folded it over, and look, it's even, and it looks like a jacket!  So much excitement.  
Post steaming, it looked even better.  I can't wait to show the finished project!  Also, please don't look at my sloppy cutting skills and gross seams.  Please.