Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New and unnoticed

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, and so we had the day off.  We had the whole day off, so I did something that I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I dyed my hair blue!  Or I attempted to, at least.  It didn't really go very well.  I only dyed the bottom layer, but I wore it up so it was visible, and no one said anything all day.  What a disappointment!  Not that drawing attention was my goal.  People say that you get treated differently with brightly colored hair, and I didn't notice anything at all.  

I had the bleach in for an hour, and my hair was barely past orange.  My guess is that I didn't put it in properly, as I've never done this before and also can't see behind my head.  Since my hair wasn't bleached all the way, the blue didn't have as much space to sink it.  So I have purple-ish gray hair, if you look at it closely.  Depending on how it fades out, I may try to re-dye it again in a few weeks.  The only problem is that I don't have any more bleach, and I don't know if that's important.  We'll see how this goes.  This is an experiment with going with it.  I like to have things planned out, and now I can't do that.  I'm forcing myself to wait and see how things play out.  I don't like it.  

 There was a speaker on campus today as part of Unity Week.  Her name was Michelle Barnard, and she's kind of awesome.  She works for mnsbc, so you know she's smart.  I really wanted to go listen to her, but unfortunately I had a night class at the same time.  I was all psyched up to sit through 3 hours of class (ha) when it was announced that we were going to listen to her as a class!  So I got to go, and it was great.  She spoke about the importance of voting, which is an issue that is close to my heart, and about why paying attention to politics is important.  She also made little jabs at the joke that we call our republican candidates, which I thought was ballsy (this is central Indiana) and fantastic.  During the Q&A section when someone asked her to defend what she'd said, her response was for them to do their own homework, which was kind of the whole point of her presentation.  Some people expect answers on a platter, and this isn't that simple.  She made a great point about that relating to Obama, that "he can't do it alone".  So many people are disappointed with him because he hasn't accomplished everything that he had promised; but he's fighting for every step forwards.  He can't even count on the democrats in congress.  People have unrealistic expectations of what one person can do, especially when so many people want him to fail.  All I know is that if we end up with Romney, Paul, Gingrich, or Santorum for president I will cry.  Political tangent aside, I enjoyed myself, and I'm glad I got to go to the event.  

Outfit Details
Sweater: Jcrew, thrifted
Shirt: thrifted
Pants: Delias
Shoes: Wanted
Pin: my mother's


  1. I like the blue! What a bummer that you went through all that work and effort and no one said anything, I HATE when that happens! I have really long hair and I just cut about 5 inches off and even my boyfriend didn't notice! ugh

  2. this dress are amazing!

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