Monday, March 26, 2012

Forced cheerfulness is better than none

I had an appointment today with the study abroad center.  I checked in with the front desk five minutes before my appointment, then sat down to wait.  After I'd been waiting for half an hour, someone else came in to see the same person that I had an appointment with, and they were ushered right through.  The person that I had the appointment with came out to say that no one told her I was here, and she assumed that I was a no-show.  She told me that if I waited, she might be able to see me after the person she was meeting with then, before her next appointment.  So I waited another twenty minutes, before she sent someone else out to tell me that I would have to reschedule after all.  

I'm working really hard to stay positive and not get upset.  I hate it when people waste my time.  

So, here's a few Happy Thoughts, a couple days early.  

I ate a delicious brownie when I got home.

The presentation on Caught in the Middle is tonight, and I saw the author in the library this morning so he's for real here!  I wanted to say hello but I chickened out, but maybe I will tonight!  I have been looking forward to this presentation for a month!

Apparently a mixed martial arts center has opened in my town.  I used to take boxing classes in high school, and lately I've been really missing them.  So, I'm looking in to taking some classes over the summer, and it's really exciting!

Similarly, planning on stepping up my workouts to get back in to the swing of things before I go embarrass myself at this boxing place.  

I like my outfit today!
Outfit Details
Blazer: thrifted
Sweater: thrifted
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Wanted
Scarf: thrifted


  1. I consider it a huge insult when someone wastes my time. Nothing sets me off faster, I think. I applaud your efforts to stay positive, because that is truly a fantastic outfit! The blazer is positively divine! Have fun at the presentation tonight!

    1. Thanks, Meg! The presentation went really well, and I talked to the author afterwards!!

  2. One, that sucks :(
    Two, you box? how cool!
    Three, I'm not really a brownie fan, but the best brownies I've ever had were coffee brownies. I highly recommend you check them out, because it's fun to share awesome things :)

    1. That sounds really good! I had coffee cupcakes once, and I wasn't really a fan, but I think that was just because they were just coffee flavored, there wasn't any actual coffee involved. Plus, coffee and chocolate together in a brownie is basically a cooked cafe mocha, right?