Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Tamora Pierce.  I've read 5 of her books in the last 3 days.  One of the wonderful things about Tamora Pierce is that one book makes you want to read another, and another, and so on, and if you happen to read them all, then you can just start back up again, because enough time has passed that you actually want to read them again.  I hope I never grow out of these books.

Yesterday I finished reading the newest book for the second time.  The first time I read it I was really tired, and was rushing a little to find out what happened.  I need to learn to stop rushing the first time, because now I can't ever read it again without knowing what happens.  I did enjoy the book a lot more this time.  Note to self, don't read at 4am.  Now that I'm finished, I want more.  I hate how books have to end.

Having the time to curl up with a good book or ten.

Coffee.  My mom makes coffee for herself, and leaves some for me when I'm home.  Although she doesn't make it as strong as I'm used to, it's nice to wake up and have it made already.

Painting things.  I don't mean painting pictures, but painting things.  I found a box full of acrylic paint in the basement, and it's really tempting to just paint on all of the clothes that I don't wear very much.  Warning: this might be a new obsession.

Company of Thieves.  I've been listening to them all week, and they're fantastic.  What's even more wonderful is that I'm going to see them tomorrow!  I'm so excited I can't even express it, beyond saying "I'm so excited" over and over.

Talking politics with my grandparents.  I was worried that they'd be Santorum supporters because he's Catholic, but they think he's crazy.  (As they should).  I'm so relieved that we're all on the same page.

My father: "Talking on your phone while driving shouldn't be illegal.  They should just give you a ticket for it".  Um, dad?  In order for the police to give someone a ticket, whatever they're doing has to be illegal... In the same conversation he called me a blind sheep, for believing everything my liberal teachers tell me.  That was a new one.  Very Animal Farm.  There was also the usual conversation-winner, "Once you're older and in the real world, you'll see the truth.  Everyone always is a liberal in school and then changes into conservatives once they start paying taxes."  I love my father.  I really do.  I also love watching my brother's face as he tries not to melt into a fit of giggles when my dad and I are arguing politics.

Sleeping in my own bed.  I mean, my bed at school is my own bed too, but I like my bed at home too.  I especially like the window right above my pillow, that lets the sun stream in in the morning.

Running outside.  Yesterday I went on my first outdoor run since the fall, and it felt fantastic!  I only ran a mile and a half, since it was really windy and looked like it might rain, and I was really stiff from my workout the day before.  All the same, it was really nice to be out.  Except for the brief part where I was running uphill and against the wind, the wind felt really nice.  Running when it's not quite warm is nice, because even though you're sweating you're nice and cool.

I get to see all my cousins on Saturday.  Can't wait!

Sewing that goes well.  I maybe will have something to share soon...


  1. Great post! Talking politics can be very tricky. Coffee is wonderful. And I want to check out that author now.

    1. Do it! I would recommend starting with the Alanna books, since they were the first, and there's a lot of overlap. I hope you like them!