Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

I finally got my hands on the first Mika cd!  

GUNDAM.  Ok.  I think I was 11 when I first saw this show on tv.  I started re-watching it last weekend, and I'm remembering why I loved this.  If you ever want a show about the politics of a made up world, with cute stoic warrior boys, this is it.

Boxing plans.  I just found out that a mixed martial arts center opened near my house, and they offer boxing and kickboxing.  I can't wait to go try it out!  I've really missed boxing since I came to school.  Plus, the website for this place had a short video of an excerpt from a class, and it looks tough!  Gundam always makes me want to work out, and now I have a reason to; I'm back in training to keep up with this class that I maybe will take over the summer.  It's a stretch, but whatever works, right?

Normal March weather.

My roommate who buys me chocolate.

Being able to work out again.  I ran out of my asthma pills, and had to take a break for a week, just in case.  Now I've been back on them for a few days and I'm starting to feel better.  The first workout was a little bit of a killer, but once I get fully back in to the swing of things I should feel better.

Fresh fruit.  Some weeks the dorms have it, some they don't.  This past week they have, and it's pretty nice, let me tell you.

That there are 5 weeks of classes left, and then finals, and then home!


  1. Hey, my life summed up in a comic! This morning I was laying on my tummy with my laptop in front of me, and then I got up, and I thought I was getting up to do something productive, but then I simply sat on my butt and put the laptop on my lap.

    Change in scenery.

  2. My dad used to be a huuuuge Snoopy fan when he was a boy & I always read all of his old books. They're just so perfect. I'm excited for normal weather too! It was 27 degrees (Celsius haha..) one day & snowed two days later here. What? Ugh.