Monday, March 26, 2012

We are golden

Well, I guess this proves two very important facts.  1. Mika is fabulous.  2. It's ok to never grow up.
This is one of those songs that I will always love.  It's very poppy and catchy, and more importantly is means a lot, if you care to listen to it.

We are golden
top, cardigan, shorts, stocking, shoes, fedora

So, question.  I've been thinking lately that maybe I should switch from youtube and dream outfits to a short playlist for Music Mondays.  I enjoy picking out songs, and making the outfit is basically like playing dress up; however, the formatting is unreliable and often looks sloppy, which bothers me a lot.  If I were to drop the outfits and/or switch to a different way of presenting music, would anyone care?


  1. So many thoughts! First, about the music video: a) Mika is awesome - I haven't listened to him in so long! b) I really want those green glittery shoes, c) If that were me in the video, I would feel like the biggest loser. Somehow, Mika manages to pull it off (well, he does look a little silly...). d) all of the above.
    Second, music in your post: In my experience, most people are more likely to listen to one song. However, I really like music, so I love when blogs post playlists. Either way, if you post music, I'm happy :)
    Third, the outfits. I can go either way with these. They're fun to drool over, but outfits aren't what pulls me to a blog, so I guess I'm neutral on this topic.

    1. Yes, the green shoes!! Thanks for the thoughts on the music/outfit posts. Right now, I'm thinking that while the outfits are fun to make, they're not really the kind of thing that I would want to read/see either.