Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

This semester is over one month from today!  As much as I love school, I can't wait to take a break from using my brain.  Having time to read for pleasure sounds lovely, as does not feeling guilty for indulging in the occasional social activity.

That said, reading for fun is nice.  After working on my paper for a few hours the other day I ended up sitting on tumblr, complaining about how I don't have any time for anything fun anymore.  So, I closed my computer and opened up a book, and after half an hour of reading felt so much better.  I now have 4 books on my desk that I'm about twenty pages in to.  I need to keep doing my work, but also allow myself at least half an hour of book time each night.  Last night I started the Hunger Games, and it's pretty alright!

Anna is back from Vienna!  I'm so happy to have my friend back!

Sewing plans.  I was daydreaming and doodling at work and I have a plan for at least one project!  Maybe if I'm super productive this weekend I'll be able to start it next weekend, instead of waiting until I go home for the summer.

Singalongs with my roommate.  We've been singing Moulin Rouge really loudly all week, with some Lizzie McGuire, Fall Out Boy, and Daughtry thrown in for variety.

Going to bed before midnight.  


  1. Yayyyy Hunger Games! I lent my books out, but I can't wait to get them back and re-read them. You definitely should write a long post about your thoughts when you're done :)

  2. Daniel Radcliffe = dreamboat! And definitely YAY for the Hunger Games!