Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is part 2 of a project that I posted a few weeks ago.  I sewed this skirt ages ago, but it has been way too hot to consider wearing all that fabric for long enough to take any pictures.  It was only in the 80's today, so I decided I could brave the weather. The maxi skirt is sheer, and I made this skirt to wear underneath it.  

I've never worked with taffeta before, and after this project I don't think I will again for quite a while.  That said, I learned a ton from this project, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  I just need something nice and easy to follow this.  

The material was too thin for my sewing machine to grip properly.  It kept slipping out from under the presser foot, snapping threads and snagging the fabric.  It got kind of ugly in some places.  After some research I pinned tissue paper to the fabric and sewed with that stabilizing the piece.  It worked, although it was a pain to rip off afterwords.  

I didn't buy enough fabric for this project.  If I were to do this again I would buy at least one more yard.  The loop that forms the skirt body isn't quite wide enough to walk comfortably in, and that the waist gathers balloon a little strangely in addition to that.  

Honestly, this is another case of problem sewing.  I never really had any desire to wear a maxi skirt.  Then I saw this fabric at the store and I knew that it had to be made in to one, and I couldn't rest until it was done.  There's this part of me that wants to prove that I can make trendy things, that sewing doesn't have to mean investing in classic patterns and neutral colors.  I guess this is an instance of frosting that we were all talking about earlier this year. 

Now that I went ahead and sewed this skirt that I never really had any desire to own I'm kind of excited to mix it with my closet.  I have some fun things planned for it.  Plus, if I decide that I really don't like it I can always find a new home for it.  The insides are all done nicely enough that I wouldn't care if someone else saw it.  


  1. Aw, it's such a nuisance when you have a nice fabric but it's impossible to sew with! I don't think I'm good enough at sewing to know how to work that stuff out...

    Maxi skirts are surprisingly not bad to wear in the summer. If they move enough and the fabric is lightweight, they don't trap heat in too badly.

    1. It doesn't have anything to do with your skills as a sewer, but with your googling skills! INTERNET SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS

  2. You can buy tear away stabiliser and I think you can buy wash away stabiliser too. Not used any, but won't be sewing with taffeta in a hurry lol.

    1. These are good ideas! I've never heard of wash away stabalizer, I'll have to look for some!