Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Used book stores.  I went to a new one with friends earlier this week and bought a couple new books to take along with me to school.  I should be saving my money for textbooks, but I can never pass up cheap books.  I won't have a problem filling up a bookshelf if I ever get one.

So many friends.  This summer I've had friends in Rome, Germany, Savannah, New Mexico, Michigan.  This week they're all here, together for a week and a half before we start trickling away again.  I'm glad to see everyone and to be able to spend time together.  The list of things we want to do and the short amount of time that we have to do them is a little terrifying, but I'm still happy that everyone is here.

New car cd's.  The radio in my car doesn't work very well, so I keep a cd in instead.  I've been listening to the same cd for the past three months.  A friend got sick of listening to it every time we drive together, so she made me a new cd and it is fantastic and I love it.  Since I'm a big ball of cheesy I made it an album on my computer with a photo of our faces as the cover.  Possibly I'm just too emotional right now with the end of the summer coming up fast.

My new blog design!  Every time I open up my blog I get a fit of giggles.  I just love this design so much.

Sister bonding time.  Every year before I leave for school I've taken my little sister to see a movie and get cupcakes.  We saw Brave this year.  My sister loved the movie; she cried all the way through it.  We really are related.  We spent most of the movie curled up in our seats, holding hands and jumping every time the music got suspenseful.


  1. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote Benjamin Button? I had no idea!

  2. I would looooove to go see Brave, but no one wants to come along :( We went to batman instead :) And I can understand what your friend felt when she was in your car, haha. My dad has this one playlist on his ipod that we are forced to listen to for half a year now and I absolutely don't like it, haha.