Saturday, August 4, 2012


What are you doing, trying to take pictures during a DANCE??  It's time to celebrate!  Oh, am I a little early?  What else is new.  I'm ready for Promballoona!

Ok, truth time.  My prom dress is a disaster.  The skirt is fine, of course; those I made for wearing during non-prom activities.  The top, though, I made special for this occasion.  IT WAS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.  Let's just leave it at that.  

Just kidding.  Me, not over-explain all the drama that went in to this little party?  Never.  

I wrote earlier about how difficult this fabric was to sew with.  So it makes sense that I would voluntarily sew with it again.  On a self drafted pattern with princess seams and boning and straps and loops and zippers.  Wait, is it supposed to fit, too?

I really wanted to try draping a bodice, but I'm really glad I decided not to, now.  Matching my stripes was enough fun.  The darn fabric likes to wiggle and shift every time you touch it!  (Are you singing that Cascada song now too?)

This is as close as any of you are getting to the back of my dress.  Originally there wasn't supposed to be straps.  I realized too late that my pretty matching zipper was too short for the area it was supposed to go in to.  Instead of buying a new zipper I just shortened the back of the dress.  Ok, so that's fine.  Of course, I only sewed the loops for the straps in backwards twice.  And the zipper only looks terrible if you look at it closely.  

But wait, there's more!  When I went to put on my lovely gown I realized that I had made a fatal error: the zipper doesn't open.  It was supposed to be a zipper for pants.  I couldn't get the top over my head.  I pouted for an hour, then made up my mind.  I WAS GOING TO THIS PARTY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  I did what any sane person would do after they matched stripes and carefully sewed a boned taffeta bodice.  I slashed 4 inches up the side of the zipper, shrugged it over my head, and then sewed myself in to it.  Very sloppily, I might add.  If you've seen Brave, I'm talking tapestry-repairing stitches.  

You know the saying "off like a prom dress"?  Not to say anything against post-prom activities, but someone's going to have to cut this dress off me.  Just a little added fun, right?  

Well, Oona dear, I'm here!  Let's dance!  I'm wearing the shoes that I wore to my prom, since I know they work so well for a night of fun.  Once this shindig is over I'll wiggle out of the remains of my dress and hit the pillow.  In the morning this bodice is getting scrapped, once I retrieve the cursed zipper and boning for future use.  



  1. AAAAAAAAAAH! you KNOW i love a good make it work!!! dance like there is no zipper!

    from the bit you've let s close to on the back, i think it looks tres cool. but i'm a fan of the slash and change too. hey, you hit all my faves here....

  2. I am LOVING that fabric!! Way to make it work for the big event!