Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Over the summer I interned for a politically interesting organization.  In the course of the summer we attended many events full of like-minded individuals.  At one of these events I bought a bunch of political buttons.  I was really excited to display my buttons, but was worried about having them on my backpack where I can't see them.

A local bookstore that I went to with some friends had been giving out canvas bags printed with their information with purchases.  I liked the bookstore, but I have a problem with being a walking advertisement.

To remedy the two situations I sewed a Lucky Jackson-style patch to cover the advertisement.  It's a political statement of it's own, and now my pins have a pretty home!  Now all I need is a patch and a few pins from this awesome shop for the other side, and I'll be content.

Oh, and here's something cool- the patch is a pocket!  So if I decide that I want to go back to that store after all, I can still read the information.


  1. I LOVE your buttons!! The birth control one might be my absolute favorite, and they all work so perfectly with your epic bag :) Well done and thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thanks! If you're interesting in obtaining some of your own, I bought them from McHenry County Citizens for Choice. I know that's pretty far away from Chicago, but if you ever find yourself out there you know who to ask!

  2. I love this bag (and your buttons). The dino is awesome! I'm prefer bucket type shoppers rather than the flat ones (in terms of ergonomics and the amount of sh*t you can stuff in there) but this is the most awesome decoration I've seen on a bag.