Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Today has been really lovely.  The weather is perfect; it's a little chilly, but the sun makes up for it.  I'm cuddled up in my bed catching up on homework after yesterday's football game.  I got sunburned from sitting in the stands all day, but the game was fun and we won, so I don't mind too much.  People were saying that it was the best game the team's had in three years.  I don't know too much about football, but it was pretty exciting.  

As of right now, this week looks like it'll be a lot less stressful than the past two have been, especially if I can get things done today.  Here's to productivity!

Now that it's finally getting cold out I can wear this dress.  It's slightly too short for bare legs, but is perfect with leggings.  It's also a little too tight for moving around a lot in, but it works perfectly for lazing around in and doing homework. 


  1. Nice. I like how you've styled it there. Is the fabric stretch or woven?

    1. Is it sad that I had to pull it out of the hamper to check? It's woven.

  2. This is fabulous ensemble! Very cozy and stylish :)