Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A couple weeks ago I started leaving an hour earlier than I need to for class in order to get some practicing in.  I really love being able to start my day out with a solid hour of trombone playing.  Here's another benefit of taking my trombone to class: trombone cases make excellent camera stands.  For once I was able to take outfit pictures without having to balance my camera on my backpack, or on a half-rotten log.  Why didn't I think of this ages ago?  

In the middle of her lecture today, one of my professors mentioned the midterm exam that we took last week.  She announced that there were only two A's, belonging to Pam and myself.  I wish she would have kept that to herself, because the next thing I know the girl next to me is saying "well, thanks for ruining the curve for the rest of us".  She was smiling while she said it, but the meaning was still there.  I swear, the next person who blames me for their own bad performance is getting punched.  

I'm not as upset about it right now as I was the last time that this happened.  Good weather, good food, good music, good use of my time = keeping the good mood going.  


  1. Hahaha hilarious, blaming you for her bad genes and/or lack of effort XD She obviously doesn't understand how it works-if everyone does badly except two people, then that, on average, brings the curve down. And her mediocrity contributed to it that i.e. her and the other retards/ lazy bums in your class are helping the two of you look better and they're too dumb to realise it. XP

  2. GO YOU FOR GETTING AN A!!!! You should definitely be celebrating, and the other people should be keeping their mouths closed :) I agree with everything perfectnose said :)