Friday, October 26, 2012

They're all related!

Please excuse me if I can't quite form sentences properly.  My mind is in a state of upheaval.  Here is why:

I know that the implications of this don't exactly jump off the page, so let me enumerate a bit.  The guitarist from Company of Thieves, one of my Favorite Bands Ever, used to be in The Hush Sound.  I never loved The Hush Sound, but I've been a fan since I first heard them in early high school.  So, that's cool enough, right?  Well, it gets better.  For the past five years I've worked at my local water park, and pool gossip is that one of the singers from the Hush Sound used to work there.  As long as I'm sitting looking up the roster for the Hush Sound, I figure I might as well double check that fact.  

Sure enough, one of the guys is from my home town.  That same guy also used to play for The Audition, another group that I like a lot.  He's also in another group with members from OneRepublic and Ok Go.  Do you want to know why I like all these bands?  It's because the same people are in all them.  No wonder they all sound so similar.  Maybe I need to start paying more attention to who's behind the music.  

Someone complimented me on my "impecable side zipper" today.  My mom hates the zipper that I put in to this skirt because it's a peachy pink and therefore doesn't come close to matching.  It felt good to have my sartorial choices validated by my peers.


  1. ugh, i can never get zippers down well enough, i have to match the colors at all times! but garsh i used to looove the hush sound and didn't know a member was in company of thieves! the things you learn from blogs... sweet skirt by the way!! what kind of fabric did you use?

    1. I used polyester lining, actually! It's not the best quality fabric by a long shot, but it was cheap!