Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday: Back on the Bandwaggon

When I decided to take a weeklong internet break I thought it would be difficult.  Instead, I really only missed twitter, and that was only when everyone around me was reading tweets out loud and deciding as a group what to favorite.  Once I got home I was too busy working on some special Christmas knitting projects to open up the computer, so the week turned in to two, and now I have nearly 400 posts in my blog reader and very little desire to go through them.  I can't wait to get back in to blogging here, though!  Now, for the two weeks' worth of happy thoughts:

Being home.  Mom, brother, sister.  Happy me.  

Not being stuck on a bus.  The trip to and from Florida was around 20 hours each way.  I mean, I have this fantastic ability to sleep anywhere, but being limited to that much space still gets uncomfortable.

The ocean.  I'm not really a big beach person, but I enjoyed splashing around and searching for seashells with friends.

Being a classy band.  Marching through a tunnel of opposing fans, being booed for representing our university; I have to admit that it hurt.  We like to think that our fans are much more respectful, or at least, they have a better idea of where the line is.  We took pride in our own behavior.  We kept our heads up, our comments positive, and ignored the jeers of the crowd.  Even though our football team got destroyed, at least we represented the university well.  

Oh, and as to the marching... I don't want to sound like I'm trying to tear down the other team, because that's not what classy bands do.  The thing is that we use a very different style of marching than they do in Florida.  So to our band, their halftime show was kind of a let down.  Despite having more than 100 more members than our band does, we could't hear their band from where we were standing.  I also want to point out that the middle song was a favorite of my high school pep band.  I can't find a video of our halftime show at that game, but we marched the same show earlier in the year, and as far as I know it went well.  I won't say any more, and let you judge for yourself if you feel like it.

Faraway sisters.  We managed to meet up with a couple ∑AI sisters, and they were really nice.  We didn't get a chance to sing, but that's alright. 

Warm weather.  Wandering around in shorts in December! Weird!

Cold weather. I enjoyed the warm for the two days we were there, but I also love bundling up in layer upon layer.  

The best of friends.  Laughing over Pride and Prejudice yet again, (you weird necked Jane); dissing the gender binary; late nights and lazy nights, like no time has passed at all.

Coffee and conversation at my godmother's house.

Keeping it positive.  My grandparent's sold their home of 42 years and are in the process of moving.  This year we had Christmas at my aunt's house instead.  I was worried that people were going to make a big emotional deal out of it, but we all managed to stay pretty positive about everything.  Good job, family.

Excitement.  I'm leaving for Spain in 11 days.  Can't.  Even.

Time for reading.  Instead of (in addition to) seeing friends and family before I leave the country, I'm avoiding reality by sinking in to books, and thoroughly enjoying it.  

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  1. Well done for keeping it positive, and YAY SPAIN!!!! It's going to be a marvelous adventure!