Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

What a week it's been!  I can't believe it's Thursday already.  I have such mixed feelings about this semester.  I want it to just be over already, and at the same time I don't want it to end.  I have four papers, a test, and a presentation tomorrow, and after that my life gets a heck of a lot easier.  Here's my list of happy thoughts for this week.

8 hours of sleep.  That happened last night.  I haven't slept that much since thanksgiving break.

Band trip news.  The marching band is being shipped to florida in two weeks to play for our team's bowl game!  I'm sure hanging out with friends through 30 hours of bus ride with be fun; I'm also looking forward to the shenanigans of the pride being let loose on the unsuspecting state of florida.  

Asthma drugs.  I got them in the mail, finally.  Hopefully I'll be able to breathe again soon. 

Magic adventures.  Earlier this week a friend and I took a hike to The Keep, a store devoted to Magic cards and Dungeons and Dragons paraphernalia.  Trust me, it was an adventure.  Once we got a few blocks off campus we found ourselves trudging through tall grasses, hoping over (very tiny) steams, and descending a very steep rocky hill.  The adventure adds to the appeal of the store.  Driving just wouldn't have been the same.  We spent a couple hours browsing through cards.  I got 100 cards for five dollars, which I think is a pretty good deal, and doesn't make me feel too guilty about spending money.  Now if only I had time to work them in to my deck.

Coffee.  Yesterday I had two cups of coffee, one with breakfast and one with lunch.  I thought about having another with dinner, but decided that I actually did want to sleep.  My mom sent me starbuck's coffee grounds for my birthday, and I'm waiting on a cup of that to brew right now.  Delicious.  

Picking up hours.  After thinking that I was only going to have two shifts to work on Monday and none at all for the rest of the week, I've been slowly gaining shifts.  Good think people can be so indecisive about what they want.  

All of the people that I got to hang out with this weekend: sisters...

and tromboners


  1. ah, have fun with the band girl! Florida sounds like a dream, I've wanted to visit that sate for as long as I remember, especially Miami and those vast glades. Though, I'm pretty scared of alligators... anyway. Enjoy your cuppa coffee and the fun weekend! xo Nikki

  2. Florida is pretty warm and gorgeous at the moment. I hope you have a fab trip down here xo