Friday, March 30, 2012


So here's a funny story: I can't actually play the piano.  I can't sing either.  However, I felt like singing today, so I went to the music building after class and plunked around a bit until I found the starting note, and practiced a song that my fraternity has been practicing.  Maybe the next time we sing it, I'll do more than lip sync.  Maybe not.  

Despite the fact that I can't sing and I hate situations where I'm in a group and we have to make sounds in unison, I've been thinking about joining women's chorus next year.  Again, maybe.

Outfit Details
Shirt: thrifted
Shorts: Forever 21

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

I finally got my hands on the first Mika cd!  

GUNDAM.  Ok.  I think I was 11 when I first saw this show on tv.  I started re-watching it last weekend, and I'm remembering why I loved this.  If you ever want a show about the politics of a made up world, with cute stoic warrior boys, this is it.

Boxing plans.  I just found out that a mixed martial arts center opened near my house, and they offer boxing and kickboxing.  I can't wait to go try it out!  I've really missed boxing since I came to school.  Plus, the website for this place had a short video of an excerpt from a class, and it looks tough!  Gundam always makes me want to work out, and now I have a reason to; I'm back in training to keep up with this class that I maybe will take over the summer.  It's a stretch, but whatever works, right?

Normal March weather.

My roommate who buys me chocolate.

Being able to work out again.  I ran out of my asthma pills, and had to take a break for a week, just in case.  Now I've been back on them for a few days and I'm starting to feel better.  The first workout was a little bit of a killer, but once I get fully back in to the swing of things I should feel better.

Fresh fruit.  Some weeks the dorms have it, some they don't.  This past week they have, and it's pretty nice, let me tell you.

That there are 5 weeks of classes left, and then finals, and then home!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oops I don't have a face or feet

 It is a beautiful day out.  It's lovely.  It would have been the perfect day for taking outfit pictures if it wasn't so windy.  Oh well.  I got some decent ones in the end!  I'm determined to really learn how to use my camera.  I took these on Manual.  There seems to be a bit of a learning curve... but I'll get it eventually.  

 I'm taking the writing proficiency test tonight.  Passing it is a requirement for graduation.  I wasn't worried at all, because I'm a strong writer when it comes to academic papers.  Then, someone told me that they turn spellcheck off.  This really shouldn't scare me as much as it does.   I can usually tell when words are spelled incorrectly.  I always thought that spellcheck was a nice thing to have, as back up, a reassurance that I'm doing things correctly.  However, I'm getting the sense that I may be more dependent on it than I realized, and that frightens me.  I don't want to be dependent on a machine!  

Outfit Details
Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: thrifted

How to get things done

When it comes to finishing projects before the deadline, I am a pro.  While this annoys the heck out of my roommate, I prefer to think of this as a notable skill.  As a favor to the procrastinators and the overwhelmed, I've decided to share my tricks, so that you too can sleep the night before the big deadline.

Read the directions before you start.  
There's nothing worse than getting halfway through a project, and then realizing that you're missing something vital.  An easy way to bypass that is to read the directions all the way through.  If you're really an overachiever you could even take notes on the directions!  Make sure you know exactly what is expected of you.

Visualize the process.
After the preliminary read through of the directions, go back and break the project in to chunks.  Take note of what resources will be needed to complete each part, and check that you have everything you need.  Walk though each step in your head so that you have a clear idea of what you're doing, and a general idea of how long everything will take.

Put it in the calendar!
Give yourself a start date, a draft date, and a due date; make sure that these are all visible!  Reminders won't help if you don't check them.  In addition, write down rough dates for each chunk from the last step to be due, and stick to those checkpoints!  Make sure to add in some wiggle room, too, in case there's a problem.  For school projects, I usually set my draft due date at a week before the project is due, so that while everyone else is scrambling, I'm casually spellchecking and revising.

Know your optimal hours.
I'm a morning person; I do my best work in between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.  My roommate works best in between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.  Know when you focus best, and use that knowledge to your advantage.  If you don't know, then experiment during the first steps, not the week before the project is due!

Take breaks if you need to. 
You know, for sleep and food and stuff.

Find space, and keep it sacred.  
Find somewhere distraction-free to work.  Don't go on tumblr while in that space.  Don't even think about it.  Give yourself specific zones;  tumble and read blogs from the couch, but leave your desk for Serious Business.  Trick your mind in to respecting these boundaries.

Reward yourself.
Watch an episode of a show you love after each chunk.  Eat a cookie once it's all done.  Find something you want, and use it to motivate yourself!

Don't stop once you're in the zone.
You're on a roll, words are pouring out of you, the stitches are flying; don't stop!  A break in concentration can be fatal.  Power through to a checkpoint, or finish the project if you can!  Then eat two cookies.

Revel in the good night's sleep that your classmates/coworkers/friend's aren't getting.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hold the cheese, please

I've been meaning for a while to start writing more; not just forming sentences but also writing them out on paper.  For my whole life I've been told that I have awful handwriting, but I love it anyway.  I found this notebook on clearance at target.  It was cheap and my favorite color, but it had a cheesy saying on it.  If you can't read it, it says "she's a dreamer, a thinker, she sees possibilities everywhere".  Yeah, I want my words to be inside my notebooks, not on the outside.  So, I covered it up! 

Much better!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Forced cheerfulness is better than none

I had an appointment today with the study abroad center.  I checked in with the front desk five minutes before my appointment, then sat down to wait.  After I'd been waiting for half an hour, someone else came in to see the same person that I had an appointment with, and they were ushered right through.  The person that I had the appointment with came out to say that no one told her I was here, and she assumed that I was a no-show.  She told me that if I waited, she might be able to see me after the person she was meeting with then, before her next appointment.  So I waited another twenty minutes, before she sent someone else out to tell me that I would have to reschedule after all.  

I'm working really hard to stay positive and not get upset.  I hate it when people waste my time.  

So, here's a few Happy Thoughts, a couple days early.  

I ate a delicious brownie when I got home.

The presentation on Caught in the Middle is tonight, and I saw the author in the library this morning so he's for real here!  I wanted to say hello but I chickened out, but maybe I will tonight!  I have been looking forward to this presentation for a month!

Apparently a mixed martial arts center has opened in my town.  I used to take boxing classes in high school, and lately I've been really missing them.  So, I'm looking in to taking some classes over the summer, and it's really exciting!

Similarly, planning on stepping up my workouts to get back in to the swing of things before I go embarrass myself at this boxing place.  

I like my outfit today!
Outfit Details
Blazer: thrifted
Sweater: thrifted
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Wanted
Scarf: thrifted

We are golden

Well, I guess this proves two very important facts.  1. Mika is fabulous.  2. It's ok to never grow up.
This is one of those songs that I will always love.  It's very poppy and catchy, and more importantly is means a lot, if you care to listen to it.

We are golden
top, cardigan, shorts, stocking, shoes, fedora

So, question.  I've been thinking lately that maybe I should switch from youtube and dream outfits to a short playlist for Music Mondays.  I enjoy picking out songs, and making the outfit is basically like playing dress up; however, the formatting is unreliable and often looks sloppy, which bothers me a lot.  If I were to drop the outfits and/or switch to a different way of presenting music, would anyone care?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Themed weekend

I pass this bush every day on my way out of work, and always want to try to take a picture, because it is so pretty.  However, I'm always rushing to class.  So, here it is!  The whole campus looks so beautiful now that spring is here, with all the plants blooming.  There was no reason that this week should have been so stressful, but it was.  So far, this weekend has been perfectly relaxing, which is wonderful after that crazy week. Last night my roommate and I bought miso soup, strawberries, and chocolate chip cookies, and watched a few hours of anime while we ate and did laundry.  I slept in this morning, and after some wonderful coffee I wrote a Virginia Woolf-esque essay, which happened to be about coffee.  

 I was going to snap a quick plant picture, and talk about my wonderful weekend with that to accompany it, but on a recommendation from my roommate, I decided to explore Japanese Garden that was built outside of the Architecture building.  The setting fits in nicely with what seems to be the theme of this weekend; miso, anime, the Tea House, more anime, and ramen tonight.  I found about twenty more possible places for outfit pictures, at first glance.  I guess ought to explore this side of campus more often.  I wasn't planning on outfit pictures, but le roommie said to do it, so I did.  I always listen to my roommate.  

Outfit Details
Jacket: thrifted
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Delias
Shoes: Payless

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Coffee and books.  Together.  In bed.  Sounds like a good start of a trashy romance novel, right?  Really though, fantastic combination.

Anime.  In grade school and middle school I was a big anime fan.  However, you have to have either a good library or internet access for this obsession, and I had neither, so this obsession got shelved.  My roommate this year likes anime, and so I've been watching with her, and I'm slowly getting back in to it.  I probably won't ever have the obsession that I could have had if I'd started with it sooner, but I think it's better this way.  I can enjoy it, but it won't take over my life like it could have.  

Scheduling.  I love planning out the future!  I'm working on my schedule for next year, and it's kind of exciting.  There are so many possibilities!

Stress.  I know this sounds strange, but Tuesday was a very stressful day, and it made me happy.  I got to spend a lot of time arguing and theorizing and ranting and then laughing at how excitable I am, and I really enjoyed it, once it was all over.  Sometimes stressful days can end up making us feel better, it seems.  

New friends!  Scout from Cardigans and Old Watches is really cool.  So you know.  

Hot showers.   Last week the dorms lost all hot water.  I'm appreciating these a lot more now.

Waking up to sunshine and birdsongs.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Last week I took a test in one of my classes that didn't go very well.  I didn't really study until a few hours before, and I only did a quick cram of the chapters.  Imagine my surprise when the test scores were posted and I got a perfect score, after the curve.  At first, I was excited that I did well, and a little proud.  Then, I realized the implications of my grade, and these feelings dimmed a bit.  The people who are in this class with me are the same ones that are in most of my classes, and that have been in classes with me or the past two years.  Some of them are very nosy.

There was an incident a few months ago when one of these girls asked me what grade I got on a test.  I told her, she told someone else, who told the rest of the class.  The next class day, I walk in and the whole class is angry with me, because if I hadn't done so well the curve would be lower, and they would have gotten better grades.  That time I shrugged it off by saying sorry.  A couple of weeks after that I was welcomed to class with warnings to not do well on the test...for a class that I'm not taking.  Am I really that threatening?

As I sat at the desk at work yesterday, I thought about this situation, and how there might be a chance that my classmates would get upset because I did well on the test, and then I would have to apologize.  The more I thought about this, the more angry I became.  Why should I have to apologize for doing something well?  Is it really my fault that other people's grades are poor?  No, it absolutely is not.

Despite what people say, intelligence is looked down on.  Smart people, instead of being rewarded for it, are stigmatized, bullied, and shunned.  You know what I'm talking about; tumblr loves pictures of pretty girls on sunny hills reading books, but in the real world we're dorks, nerds, freaks; frizzy haired social outcasts that the world ignores.  Teachers and officials worry over graduation rates and test scores; I think the more important issue to address is the cultural value that we put on education.  People aren't in school to learn, they're here to get a piece of paper.  I understand that there has to be a way to measure learning in order to know if progress is being made, but the system that we have is not working.  Why is it not okay to do your homework?  I've discovered that the quickest way to bond with a new friend is to complain about school work, or to claim that you didn't do it.  I thought college would mean being surrounded by people who do their work with enthusiasm, people who want to continue class discussions outside of the classroom.  While I have found a few friends who do those things, for the most part, people go to college because their parents said that they have to.  They don't actually care about learning, and this just becomes a continuation of high school.

I don't know how to change the culture of education, but it needs changing.  This is an issue that I have struggled with my whole life.  The line about smart people being bullied and shunned wasn't pulled out of thin air.  I don't know what I can do to change the education system into a culture of learning.  I'm a big fan of macro change through law, but I don't think that this is an area where that technique could work.  This kind of change has to be spread through individual contact.  This means teaching kids when they're young that school isn't about getting good grades, but about learning things, and that it's ok for other people to do better than you, or to do better than other people.  As of right now, I don't have any kids to pass this idea on to, so I'm going to settle for trying to change myself; to fix what this educational culture has done to me.  I'm not going to apologize for being smart anymore.  I won't take the blame for someone else's failure.

DFTBA.  What else can we do?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Guess what?  I finally finished the HRC project!  (If you want to read about the whole process, here is the inspiration, the ruboff, tailoring the front, the collar, and the jacket post) I followed the directions in this book to make a pants sloper, and drafted the shorts off of that.  I made a muslin of sorts, out of scrap fabric from another project.  Luckily, the fabric was pretty sturdy, because I ended up ripping my seams out a few times and adjusting.  All the extra work was definitely worth it; I have a pattern for shorts that fit, that I can reuse all summer long!

I'm especially proud of the zipper.  Since I wasn't using a pattern, I was basically zipping and unzipping my fly as I sewed, to make sure that what I was making looked like what I was wearing.  Awkward as it was, it worked.  Relatively.  The top flap is on the opposite side as it is in the rest of my pants, so I feel like I'm trying to button these shorts left handed.  You can't tell that there's anything abnormal by looking at it, though, so it doesn't matter. 

I added boring side-slit pockets.  I say boring because I wanted to try welt pockets; however, I figured that improvising the whole pattern and dealing with the zipper was enough of a challenge for this time around.  I can play with different pocket styles on the next version.  The one bad thing about these pockets is that I made them out of the same lining from the jacket, and I didn't finish the seams.  They are fraying all over the place.  I always say that I'm going to make an effort to make the insides of my projects as nice as the outsides, and then I forget about it until it's too late.  Next time.

I added the gold rick-rack on after the fact, in an effort to have more fun details in my projects, since I also said that I would do that.  It meant that I had to rip out the hem of my jacket.  I think it was worth the extra work.  Now my armpits sparkle.  Unfortunately, metallic rick-rack happens to be itchy.  I should have sewn a flap over the hem in the insides of my shorts so that it doesn't rub on my legs.  If I do that, then my hems will be even more bulky.  My roommate offered a temporary solution until I figure out what to do: I put masking tape inside the hem, over the rick-rack.  No more scratching!

Originally this project was meant to emulate Hillary Clinton, with her penchant for colored pant-suits. Instead, it sprouted a debate in my family, over whether I look like a leprechaun our a girl scout.  I was a girl scout for 9 years, and I have nothing against leprechauns, so I guess I can be either.  

Even though there were some problems with this project, (the itchy hem of my shorts, the too small collar and too wide shoulders of the jacket) I learned a lot from this project.  I am happy with it, and expect to get a lot of use from it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Awake my soul

Here's a seeming bright, sun-shiney song to go with the summer weather that we've been having. When you listen to the words, things are a little different.  My friends told me to listen to this band a few months ago, and I filed that suggestion back in the someday section of my brain.  Well, they were right; this band is good.

Also, apparently I have a thing for denim on top, judging by the last few posts here.  I've never owned a jean jacket.  I'm not sure if this is something I would actually wear, or if this is just another instance of me wanting to emulate my friend Mariah.  Hm...

Awake my soul

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Internet happenings

So many pretty places! Rachel Whiting takes some lovely photos.  Here are more of them!

A letter on love and tips on writing from John Steinbeck, and an interview with Ray Bradbury.

I love this poem by Gabriel Celaya.  I think I found another new favorite writer.

The discussion around this post of Oona's is very interesting.  There are a lot of good points being made.

These sparkly friendship bracelets are very pretty (and very sparkly!) and could maybe be diy-able.

I liked this post from Emily about cafe's.  They closed the only not-starbucks cafe near campus earlier this year, and I hope that another one opens soon.

Around the sewing world, I love this backpack that Kelli made, Sallie's leather jacket (and the awesome scenery), and Lady Danburry's tea-time skirt.  I have 7 weeks to my reunion with my sewing machine.  I can do this.

These photography tips were very helpful!  I kept them in mind while preparing a special post for tuesday...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progress of spring

From Wednesday's expedition in to campus's mock forest preserve to Friday's walk, spring is coming.  Wednesday there was only seemingly dead trees and mud; two days later blooming daffodils and buds on all the trees.  I saw my first robin of the year on Friday; Sister Barbara, my grade school principal, always said that the first robin marked the beginning of spring.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday: Spring break and some little things

Coffee creamer.  My mom bought me two boxes of mini coffee creamers; the french vanilla that I love, and hazelnut.  I expected the hazelnut to taste like nutella, but it doesn't.  It's almost salty.  But the french vanilla  box should last me for at least a month.

Rubber backed headbands.  I found a pack of these on clearance at target, and they are fantastic.  Normally headbands slip right off my head, but these are nearly glued in place!  It might be a little uncomfortable for day to day wear, but for working out they are perfect.

Bare legs and sunshine.  It was very warm again today, and it seemed like the whole campus was out enjoying it.

Summer plans.  Trips with friends, jobs, reading lists; I'm thinking about it, and it's exciting!

Words.  This sounds dumb, but sometimes I forget that I like to read.  I get so bogged down by schoolwork and daily life that I don't make time for read.  The silver lining of this is that when I do make time for reading, I appreciate it so much more.  I've been doing a lot of reading lately, for school and for fun, and I plan on keeping it up.  Yay books!

Also, sharing books.  I'm trading poetry suggestions with a friend in on of my classes, and working on getting people hooked on Tamora Pierce.  I love the excitement of sharing something that was meaningful to you with other people, and the possibility of discussing something real with them after.

Seeing all the people that matter over break.  Mrty and Flibby and Rachel and Alex and Mom and Kevin and Meg and John and Cathy and Dad and Grammy and Grandpa and all my aunts and uncles and cousins that were at the party, and Mrty's mom and my neighbors.  It was so nice to see you all, let's do it again some time!

Company of Thieves.  I cannot say this enough.  I loved the show, I love the band, I love that Gen touched me (!!!!!!!!  Freaky fan girl-ing).  Yes.  This was fantastic.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Butterflies come out with the sun

 Happy Pi Day!  My roommates and I are getting dinner together tonight to celebrate.  Hopefully there will be pie...Last night when I was deciding what to wear today, my roommate told me that I look to be more than half legs.  That's probably a true statement, and this dress kind of makes that even more pronounced.  I never really thought about it before.  I really love this dress.  It is a little short for me, but I wear it anyway because I love the print.  I graduated high school in this dress!

Though technically it's still winter, it feels as if summer has arrived.  After class I took a turn around the campus "forrest preserve", and then sat on the museum steps for a while to write.  By the time I got back to my dorm I was sweating!  I like wearing dresses and shorts, but I still prefer cooler weather.   I've been trying to force myself to write more lately, since I keep reading that all the experts say that writing a lot is the only way to improve.  Maybe someday I'll take a page out of Rachel's book and be brave enough to post something here!  

Outfit Details
Dress: Forever 21
Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: ages old..
Necklace: Forever 21

P.s.  I just realized that I wore almost this exact thing a few months ago.  Oh well, these are better pictures, and the words are different!  Isn't that what matters, anyway?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I've wanted a simple tote bag for a while.  Being me, I don't buy anything that I could make easily.  I made this last week, during the brief period where I was reunited with my sewing machine.  Now that I'm back at school, I miss my darling...

I made this bag over break.  I sewed it together with scraps from various projects, and then painted on it. The lining is bright yellow!  If I do this again, I would paint first, and then sew, because the paint soaked through the lining, so there are green splotches all over the inside of my bag.  Also, it was a little difficult to find somewhere for this to dry once I pained on both sides.  I ended up hanging it off of two clothes hangers, strung out over two chairs.  

I drew the stencils out on freezer paper.  For those who aren't familiar with musical terms, the f is a symbol for forte, which means loud and strong, and p is for piano, which means quiet or soft.  For the forte side, I just cut the symbol out of the paper, and tried to tape it to the bag to paint over it.  Tape doesn't work very well with freezer paper, so I ended up pinning it on.  

The piano stamp was made out of a foam sheet that my sister let me use.  One side is sticky, which meant that once I cut the p out, I could just stick it to the front of a piece of the foam, and it stayed there.  That part of the foam was very convenient.  However, since it is foam, it's a little squishy, which made trying to cut from it a little difficult.  I think that it would be better suited to larger stamps, or ones with more straight lines.  For paint, I used acrylic mixed with fabric medium, and painted it on the stamp, and then stamped away on the bag.  

Despite the paint bleeding through to the inside in spots, I'm very pleased with how this turned out.  

It was supposed to rain all day yesterday, but it never did.  After dinner I took a walk, to enjoy the extra hour of sunlight that daylight savings has given us, and the lovely warm weather.  I'm getting better at taking pictures in public.  I did these with a young family in view; I have to say, I'm less wary of the judgement of a 3 year old than I am of someone my own age.  Also, I really liked this wall.  There's something kind of pretty about tulips starting to poke their heads out around the cold metal bike racks.  

Outfit Details
Sweater: Target
Jeans: Delias
Shoes: Wanted
Necklace: thrifted
Bag: self made!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's for you

I've been in a strange mood for the last few days.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've been reading The Fault in Out Stars.  I didn't cry for the hour and a half that was promised me, but I did cry quite a bit.  I want to read it again.  I guess I should maybe talk about this song now?  Sometimes this song is just very pretty.  Other times it makes me cry.  I used to listen to this cd with my dad, when I was really little.  He would put it on the cd player, and pick me up, and we'd dance around in the basement.  I put this outfit together, thinking that I'm in the mood to curl up somewhere with a cup of coffee and a notebook, and just write all day.  There are only two problems with this: I have a ton of homework to do, that I put off for the last week, and also, I've always wanted to be a writer, but I don't know how to write.  I can write research papers really well, but I don't know where to start for any kind of creative work.  I always wanted to write novels, but I just don't know what to do.  So I sit and listen to music that makes me sad and I put off doing my homework for longer.

It's for you

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Company Of Thieves!!

 I saw Company of Thieves with some friends last night, and it was fantastic!  I love live music more than anything, and I love this band, so the two together meant an amazing night.  They played through the first half of thier newer cd, then played In Passing, which is a great song.  In Passing was actually the first song of thiers that I ever heard.  Then they played a few more from the new cd, and were done.  

 I was kind of dissappointed, because they skipped a few that I really wanted to hear.  BUT they came back for an encore and sang a song that I'd never heard, that they said was the first song they ever sang as a band, then Oscar Wilde and Won't Go Quietly.  Those were the two that I wanted to hear.  I think I can die happy now.  

 I dances and sang along the whole time.  One of the great things about concerts is that you can sing as loud as you want, and no one can hear you, so it doesn't really matter.  There aren't ever really any other chances in life to do that, to just let go completely and let the music take you over.  I've been to a few concerts where it doesn't happen, and so I appreciate those that make it happen all the more.  Thanks for being awesome, CoT.

 Look, a trombone!  Automatic Good Band award.
Freak out time.  GEN TOUCHED MEEEE.  We were going to ask the band to sign things, but as we got up there, the Metro closed, and we had to leave.  Gen offered to take a quick picture with us, and the Boyfriend kindly snapped it for us.  She was so nice.  She said she'd see us next time, which means that the next time they're in town, we have to go.  Gen'll be expecting us.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Tamora Pierce.  I've read 5 of her books in the last 3 days.  One of the wonderful things about Tamora Pierce is that one book makes you want to read another, and another, and so on, and if you happen to read them all, then you can just start back up again, because enough time has passed that you actually want to read them again.  I hope I never grow out of these books.

Yesterday I finished reading the newest book for the second time.  The first time I read it I was really tired, and was rushing a little to find out what happened.  I need to learn to stop rushing the first time, because now I can't ever read it again without knowing what happens.  I did enjoy the book a lot more this time.  Note to self, don't read at 4am.  Now that I'm finished, I want more.  I hate how books have to end.

Having the time to curl up with a good book or ten.

Coffee.  My mom makes coffee for herself, and leaves some for me when I'm home.  Although she doesn't make it as strong as I'm used to, it's nice to wake up and have it made already.

Painting things.  I don't mean painting pictures, but painting things.  I found a box full of acrylic paint in the basement, and it's really tempting to just paint on all of the clothes that I don't wear very much.  Warning: this might be a new obsession.

Company of Thieves.  I've been listening to them all week, and they're fantastic.  What's even more wonderful is that I'm going to see them tomorrow!  I'm so excited I can't even express it, beyond saying "I'm so excited" over and over.

Talking politics with my grandparents.  I was worried that they'd be Santorum supporters because he's Catholic, but they think he's crazy.  (As they should).  I'm so relieved that we're all on the same page.

My father: "Talking on your phone while driving shouldn't be illegal.  They should just give you a ticket for it".  Um, dad?  In order for the police to give someone a ticket, whatever they're doing has to be illegal... In the same conversation he called me a blind sheep, for believing everything my liberal teachers tell me.  That was a new one.  Very Animal Farm.  There was also the usual conversation-winner, "Once you're older and in the real world, you'll see the truth.  Everyone always is a liberal in school and then changes into conservatives once they start paying taxes."  I love my father.  I really do.  I also love watching my brother's face as he tries not to melt into a fit of giggles when my dad and I are arguing politics.

Sleeping in my own bed.  I mean, my bed at school is my own bed too, but I like my bed at home too.  I especially like the window right above my pillow, that lets the sun stream in in the morning.

Running outside.  Yesterday I went on my first outdoor run since the fall, and it felt fantastic!  I only ran a mile and a half, since it was really windy and looked like it might rain, and I was really stiff from my workout the day before.  All the same, it was really nice to be out.  Except for the brief part where I was running uphill and against the wind, the wind felt really nice.  Running when it's not quite warm is nice, because even though you're sweating you're nice and cool.

I get to see all my cousins on Saturday.  Can't wait!

Sewing that goes well.  I maybe will have something to share soon...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I said I would do it

Just as I threatened, here is my lunch, sitting pretty on one of my mother's new dishes.  Nice, no?  In the background you can see what has been my constant companion for the last few hours.  I've been crafting up a storm, here.  Or, trying to, anyway.  I can't imagine why, but for some reason rushing headfirst in to things doesn't have the best results.  I've cooled down a bit from my crafting frenzy yesterday,  so maybe I'll have something worth showing later.  Maybe.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Relaxing, for real

I've spent the last few days relaxing, and visiting with the people that I've missed for the last few months.  My grandparents were here when I got home on Friday night, and on Saturday I got to see my dad and my godparents.  I'm planning on seeing more of my boyfriend this week still, and next Saturday my whole extended family will be at my grandparent's for St. Patrick's day.  I can't wait to see all my cousins!

Aside from people, I've been lazing around, listening to music, and reading.  It's officially spring: I reread the entire Song of the Lioness quartet in two days, which I do at the beginning of every spring.  In between books, I was thinking about how long I've been a Tamora Pierce fan for.  I think I first read one of her books around 6th grade, when I was twelve.  That's eight years ago!  I love the books just as much as I did then, if not more.  I don't think I'll ever grow up enough to abandon Tortal.  

Here's breakfast yesterday.  I won't claim to be very good at taking interesting pictures of things, but I can try, and call it practice.  My mom bought a new dish set while I was away, and I think they're really pretty.  Maybe I'll experiment with more food photography with lunch today, just to show off the pretty plates.  

Outfit Details
Shirt: thrifted
Pants: Forever 21
Necklace: thrifted
Shoes: Wanted
Belt: Carson's