Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Three day weekends!  There's no school on Monday, and I feel like I have all the time in the world this weekend.  I know it will fly by, but I can't help but daydream about spending time with my friends and simultaneously knocking out a few major homework assignments.

Football!  Today is the first home football game.  Despite having sat through 6 years worth of football games I still have no idea how it's played.  Nevertheless I'm excited.  Pregame, and cheering in the stands, and rocking out during our halftime show- this is why I joined the marching band.  Maybe the football team will even be decent this year!

Squeezing in time for fun.  Movies late at night, Glee with the roommate first thing in the morning.  As long as the homework gets done, there's nothing wrong with a little sleep deprivation.

Knitting.  I haven't knitted anything in ages.  I've been dying to pick the needles up lately, and finally have and it feels so good to be back in to it.

Chatting up strangers and ending up with a new best friend.  Yeah, this is real life.

When friends call to say that they're happy.  I love my friends.  I love when my friends are happy.  End of story.

Talking to my parents.  Sometimes I'm a bad college student and don't call home ever.  Other times I do and I get to have nice conversations with my family.  Call home, kids.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back in to the woods

So this isn't the most stellar outfit I've ever worn; nonetheless, it's nice to be back to posting regularly.  After not taking any outfit pictures for a month it feels strange to be out in public, taking pictures of myself.  I guess it'll take time to stop feeling uncomfortable with it again.  

Week two of the school year is halfway through and I'm still adjusting to the new schedule.  Class, work, band, friends, fun, blogging, working out, laundry.  So much to do, and just as little time as ever to do it!

Outfit Details
Shirt: JCPenny's
Skirt: self made
Shoes: Wanted
Necklace: Forever 21

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Knit Inspiration: Grey

1 2 3 4 5 6 & 7 

Yes, I know it's August.  I still want to knit things, ok?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Another song featuring pyromaniacs

It has come to my attention that grooveshark, which I was using to post songs for Music Monday posts, has ceased to function on my blog.  Therefore it is back to Youtube I go, until I find another option that I like better!

This is Snow Patrol and Martha Wainright, singing a beautiful song. It sounds like a rainy day, which today appears to be.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

I can't believe it's Thursday already!  This week has gone by so quickly.  Hopefully I'll be able to settle in to a schedule soon and get back in to regular blogging.  I've had a really great week and have a lot to be glad about!

Interesting classes.  Last fall I was not too thrilled by my micro-practice social work classes.  The following semester I took all of the macro-practice classes and loved them.  I was feeling a little leery about taking micro classes again this semester, but looking through the syllabus I think this class is going to be awesome!  I'm really excited to learn about the topics covered.  In addition I'm taking a science class that should be interesting, and three different spanish classes.  I'M GOING TO LEARN SO MUCH.

Classes with friends.  In every class but one I have a friend already.  I guess that's one of the joys of being an upperclassmen.  I've been around this school long enough to know a decent number of people.  It's still surprising, though, considering this is a school of 20,000 people.

The coffee that my roommate made this morning.  It's hot and smooth and delicious.

MY ROOOOM.  I love how we set our room up this year.  We've got cozy nooks and a big open space in the middle.  We've covered the walls with posters and fairy lights and it makes me so happy.

MY ROOOOOMMMATTTE.  Even more exciting than our bedroom.  I LOVE THIS GIRL.

Excellent hugs.  The kind that make you never want to let go.

Letters!  in the mail!

Having friends outside of my section.  Someone made a comment to me during band camp about how the trombone section was "fantastically sectional".  We do make an effort to do a lot together and are generally pretty close as a result.  However, it's also really nice to have friends in other sections.  Because, you know, band people are pretty cool.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Trombone appreciation

I'm back!  The last week has been exhausting and wonderful.  I've made new friends, strengthened old friendships, and learned a whole halftime show in three days.  Despite the terrible food and very little sleep I felt pretty great for the whole week; no sore arms for me this year!  I guess I'm finally used to the weight of a trombone.  I got made fun of for my constant sunscreen use, but I only got a mild burn on the very first day of camp.

I'm a little sad that camp is over; I love campus when the band is the only group here, where every minute is dedicated to marching band and our bodies ache from roll stepping everywhere.  At the same time it will be nice to see people who aren't in band, and to get back to having a routine.

In honor of a week spent with my precious trombone, here's one of my favorite Tommy Dorsey songs. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two darlings

If you can't tell what this is a picture of, it's two trombone cases and my duffel bag.  Thing will be quiet around here for the next week; IT'S BAND CAMP TIME!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

I can't believe it's Thursday already.  This week has been full of friends, work, and last minute errands. I'm leaving for Indiana in two days.  I'm definitely looking forward to band camp and to school, but I also don't want to leave my friends yet.

This week's list of happy thoughts is tinged with end of summer nostalgia.  You have been forewarned.

Toast.  Almost every meal that I've made while at home this summer involved toast in some capacity.  Toasters aren't allowed in the dorms.

Hanging out.  In summers past my friends and I have done all manner of cool things: movie premiers, the renaissance fair, countless concerts.  This summer we've all be working too hard to make time for something that exciting.  Instead we've just been lying on each other's floors, eating and laughing and having impromptu dance parties to One Direction and Cher Lloyd.  And while it would have been fun to do a lot of memorable activities I wouldn't trade.  This summer has been full of chill nights on balconies and taco bell runs.  I am content.

Knowing answers to trivial pursuit questions.  There is nothing better.

New tubes of chapstick.

Crisp sheets of music.  I just restocked my marching band flip folder.  Sheets of marching music get grubby by the end of a month, the ink smeared by sweat, the edges crumpled.  It looks so clean and ready right now, organized neatly in it's spot in the folder.

Challenges.  I'm not the type of person to allow myself to sit back and relax for very long.  Last week I repeatedly got my lingual butt kicked.  Let me tell you, it's really comforting to have native speakers laugh at you when you try to speak their language.  It hurt at the time, but was just the kick in the pants that I needed to get back in to studying.  I've heard that people who read a lot have better grammar, because they recognize the patterns of what's right and wrong, linguistically.  I figure the same must apply to Spanish as well as English, so I've been wading my way through Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal.  I'm surprised by how much I know, and by how much I'm depending on my memory of the English book to get through it.  Either way, it's a good exercise.

Successful craft projects.  They're always just the best.  

Fitness classes.  I wish I could motivate myself to work as hard alone as I do in classes.  I guess I'll just have to get a really good job so I can afford to become a member in a gym somewhere.  A friend and I took a boxing class Monday night; I'm still sore, and I love it.  Aside from the part where I felt like puking the class was a blast.  I seriously love boxing classes.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Civil Wars

civil wars on Grooveshark
The Civil Wars are my latest obsession.  Joy and John have the voices of angels, I swear.  They've been my introduction in to folk music.  Give them a listen, they're gorgeous.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


What are you doing, trying to take pictures during a DANCE??  It's time to celebrate!  Oh, am I a little early?  What else is new.  I'm ready for Promballoona!

Ok, truth time.  My prom dress is a disaster.  The skirt is fine, of course; those I made for wearing during non-prom activities.  The top, though, I made special for this occasion.  IT WAS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.  Let's just leave it at that.  

Just kidding.  Me, not over-explain all the drama that went in to this little party?  Never.  

I wrote earlier about how difficult this fabric was to sew with.  So it makes sense that I would voluntarily sew with it again.  On a self drafted pattern with princess seams and boning and straps and loops and zippers.  Wait, is it supposed to fit, too?

I really wanted to try draping a bodice, but I'm really glad I decided not to, now.  Matching my stripes was enough fun.  The darn fabric likes to wiggle and shift every time you touch it!  (Are you singing that Cascada song now too?)

This is as close as any of you are getting to the back of my dress.  Originally there wasn't supposed to be straps.  I realized too late that my pretty matching zipper was too short for the area it was supposed to go in to.  Instead of buying a new zipper I just shortened the back of the dress.  Ok, so that's fine.  Of course, I only sewed the loops for the straps in backwards twice.  And the zipper only looks terrible if you look at it closely.  

But wait, there's more!  When I went to put on my lovely gown I realized that I had made a fatal error: the zipper doesn't open.  It was supposed to be a zipper for pants.  I couldn't get the top over my head.  I pouted for an hour, then made up my mind.  I WAS GOING TO THIS PARTY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  I did what any sane person would do after they matched stripes and carefully sewed a boned taffeta bodice.  I slashed 4 inches up the side of the zipper, shrugged it over my head, and then sewed myself in to it.  Very sloppily, I might add.  If you've seen Brave, I'm talking tapestry-repairing stitches.  

You know the saying "off like a prom dress"?  Not to say anything against post-prom activities, but someone's going to have to cut this dress off me.  Just a little added fun, right?  

Well, Oona dear, I'm here!  Let's dance!  I'm wearing the shoes that I wore to my prom, since I know they work so well for a night of fun.  Once this shindig is over I'll wiggle out of the remains of my dress and hit the pillow.  In the morning this bodice is getting scrapped, once I retrieve the cursed zipper and boning for future use.  


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Used book stores.  I went to a new one with friends earlier this week and bought a couple new books to take along with me to school.  I should be saving my money for textbooks, but I can never pass up cheap books.  I won't have a problem filling up a bookshelf if I ever get one.

So many friends.  This summer I've had friends in Rome, Germany, Savannah, New Mexico, Michigan.  This week they're all here, together for a week and a half before we start trickling away again.  I'm glad to see everyone and to be able to spend time together.  The list of things we want to do and the short amount of time that we have to do them is a little terrifying, but I'm still happy that everyone is here.

New car cd's.  The radio in my car doesn't work very well, so I keep a cd in instead.  I've been listening to the same cd for the past three months.  A friend got sick of listening to it every time we drive together, so she made me a new cd and it is fantastic and I love it.  Since I'm a big ball of cheesy I made it an album on my computer with a photo of our faces as the cover.  Possibly I'm just too emotional right now with the end of the summer coming up fast.

My new blog design!  Every time I open up my blog I get a fit of giggles.  I just love this design so much.

Sister bonding time.  Every year before I leave for school I've taken my little sister to see a movie and get cupcakes.  We saw Brave this year.  My sister loved the movie; she cried all the way through it.  We really are related.  We spent most of the movie curled up in our seats, holding hands and jumping every time the music got suspenseful.