Sunday, January 20, 2013


A good way to tell native Segovians from the tourists is that the Segovians wear heels everywhere.  The exception is when they wear boots, but even then, half the time they're heeled boots.  After watching everyone for a week and seeing cute boots everywhere, I was feeling pretty game to give it a shot.  It can't be that hard to walk in heels in this hilly, cobblestone city, if even the old ladies wear heels, right?  

I suppose things would have been different if I had waited and looked more carefully for what I wanted.  Sometimes I rush in to purchases and regret it later.  For example, I saw these boots in a store window and went to try them on.  They were on sale for 10 euros, which is really very cheap for any kind of shoe, especially boots.  Don't get me wrong, they're adorable, and I can walk just fine with the chunky heel.  The problem is that cheap shoes are still cheap shoes, no matter where you get them.  I wore them for an hour's walk around the city, and came back with 4 jellybean sized blisters on my toes.  Now it hurts to wear shoes at all.  Of course, I also didn't bring my bandaids with me, since all the shoes I brought with are comfortable...

Oh well.  I'll still wear them, just not for long periods of time.  Maybe if I wear them for enough short periods of time they'll get broken in and stop hurting me.  Or maybe they will always just be cheap shoes that exist only to cause me pain.  Also, look, I actually manned up and took some pictures outside!  The sun came out for a while yesterday, making it bearable to be without a coat for long enough to snap these.  Then the clouds rolled back over and the wind picked up, and all the joy was sucked out of the word.

There is the cutest kitten outside my window right now.  I mentioned on the travel blog that there are wild cats all over Segovia, and that they congregate in the yard that my window overlooks.  I was sitting here typing when the tiniest kitten I've seen yet sauntered out of the bush.  I whipped out my camera and had the memory card firmly in the computer when 4 more kittens appeared.  So.  Much.  Cute.  

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  1. Ohh you don't have to tell me twice about rushing into purchases. I swear thrift-shopping is an ART. I feel like I never appreciated quality clothing until college when I could spend some real money on well-made clothes!