Monday, January 14, 2013

Found it

This song has played in every bar we've been to in Segovia so far, and everyone goes nuts over it. I think it's in Portuguese or one of the non-Castilian dialects, because I recognize the roots of words but still can't understand any of it.  Also, please excuse the video..


  1. I can just imagine you dancing to this. :) Are their bars like chill and drink or do they have dance floors?

    1. It depends on where you go, really. There are a looot of bars all over the city, because in spain people don't hang out at home, unless it's family or just about. We go to one bar that's pretty chill where we hang out and drink, and this weekend we found one that plays dominican music, so there's drinking and dance floors. Then there are the discotecas, the dance bars. Those are usually packed with people dancing, although you can also drink there. I've only had a drink at ven ven, since it's a lot cheaper than at the discotecas, and since I dance crazy enough as it is without alcohol :)

    2. Tee hee! Well I'm so happy to hear all about your study abroad on your two blogs. :) You're so awesome, like woah.