Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

This week has been really busy, but also a lot of fun.  I've been filling my time with friends, knitting, and one very large book that I'm hoping to finish before Sunday.

Pitch Perfect.  I was sure this movie would be cheesy beyond belief.  Instead, it's full of good music, memorable one liners, and lovable characters.  I've watched it twice in the last week, and I wouldn't mind watching it again.  Acalove-it!

Morning coffee.  One hectic week before, I was too busy for my daily cup of coffee.  It's nice to be back in routine.

Sleep.  The day after new years I slept for 10 hours and woke up feeling almost completely better.  

Excitement.  I have a friend from school coming up to visit today, and we're going ice skating downtown, and I can't wait!  

Preparedness.  I'm sure that I've mentioned a few times here that I'm leaving Sunday to study abroad in Spain for a semester.  I have yet to pack, but I've thrown the majority of my things in to a suitcase in my room, so packing shouldn't be too difficult.  I've been running errands all week, and I'm pleased to say that for once, I haven't left anything to the literal last minute, which I sadly tend to do.  Yesterday I picked up my currency order from the bank, so I'm all set with a few euros to arrive; I have my passport, my visa, my plane ticket, although I do need to make copies of these; I'm off to the DMV in a bit to renew my driver's license  and then I need to make a quick grocery stop for shampoo and extra allergy pills, and then I'll be all set to go.  

Passing time with friends.  I have the best friends.

Music.  I've been listening to a lot of new music lately, and I'm working on compiling a travel playlist for the trip.  Does anyone have any suggestions of travel-themed songs?  I'm not quite satisfied with the playlist as it stands now.  

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