Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Thoughts for Thursday

Spain!!  I'm sure that this is still the honeymoon period that we learned about in our stages of culture shock lesson, but so far I am loving Spain.  It is so beautiful here.  I really don't think that any modern city can ever compare to the architecture of 1000 years ago.  

Talking is getting easier.  At first my host mother thought I couldn't speak or even understand any spanish at all.  After a couple nights of sleep I'm starting to catch more, and to respond correctly.  I think she's feeling a lot less frustrated with me, too, which is a good thing.  

La comida.  So far everything I've eaten has been great. I wish I had peanut butter in the mornings, and more chocolate (always more chocolate) but other than that everything is good.

Skype.  I haven't used skype in ages.  It's a wonderful invention and I'm so glad that it works here.  The connection gets a little fuzzy occasionally, but with a little patience it's doable.  I've been able to talk to a few friends, which makes me happy.

Social media.  Similar to skype, keeping in touch is really easy.  Me gusta.

New friends.  Everyone else in the program here is really nice, and I feel like we'll all be very good friends in time.  

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