Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not too exciting

This used to be what I would wear practically every day. A tshirt, blazer, scarf, and tennies.  That's changed in the past few months, as styles are aught to do; I still appreciate a good blazer day every once in a while, though.  I put on my favorite tshirt in the morning, and got halfway through the day before I remembered that it was in english, and thus slightly less meaningful in Spain.  Oh well.  And once again, I promise I'm going to find somewhere better to take pictures soon, once it stops raining!

My host mom is currently dusting all of her cabinets off, and accidentally kicked away her stepping stool.  I'd been home for about 5 minutes when she started to yell for me to "venga, venga ahora!" She was balanced between the sink and the hot stove, and needed me to right her stool so she could get down.  She's almost 80 years old.  I never knew that cabinets needed dusting.  

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