Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Same old

Taking pictures indoors is getting pretty boring.  I was planning on taking them outdoors again today, but then it started snowing.  Not a light snow, either, but a heavy, wet snow.  I don't really want to wreck my camera, so it stayed firmly in my pocket for the time that I was outside.  I think this skirt might have been one of my best $11 spent, ever.  I'm in love.  

Today the program director told me that the mother of the kids I've been tutoring called her to say that she's very happy with me, and that the kids love me.  I never thought I would hear that one!  We have another lesson today, and I'm actually pretty excited.  Maybe I'll learn some more slang.  Last week the kids taught me words for different types of drugs while we talked about gun laws in our two countries.  

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