Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Settling in

Now that I've officially been in Segovia for a week, I'm starting to fall in to a routine.  This morning I got up and attempted to run a mile.  Here's a bit of advice, for people wanting to continue with fitness goals in new places: don't go out running before sunrise in strange cities.  Also, if you really want to run before sunrise, make sure you know where you're going!  I got a little lost this morning, which would have been fine if a) I could see where I was going or b) if I didn't have class to get too.  Oops!  It ended up being fine, I asked a garbage man for directions.  But I definitely think I ran more than a mile.  

I promise, once it gets a little warmer out I'll start taking better outfit pictures.  For now, have a peak in to my messy little room.  I say messy, but it really isn't.  I don't have enough things here to really have a mess.  I want to try to do more regular outfit posts, just for my own benefit, as I live out of the contents of one suitcase for the next 3 months.  When I was packing I had tons of ideas for different outfit combinations; now, I'm scratching my head.  What was it I was going to wear again?  Anyway, I bought this skirt on clearance at Forever 21 right before we left, and it was a great purchase.   It's pretty heavy, which is nice in this cold weather, it's long, and comfortable.  More importantly, it's neutral!  Halleluia!

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  1. This sounds like the beginning of a fabulous adventure :) Enjoy your time being a running tourist!