Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Have you seen this yet?

Facebook is red today.

Today the supreme court begins hearings over Prop 8 and DOMA, to decide (possibly) whether or not gay marriage ought to be constitutional.  It's an exciting and scary time.  As a social work student (and a human being), of course I want gay marriage to be legal.  However, I've read a few articles that hint at scary possible other outcomes to these cases.  Also unfortunately, I've read that we probably won't be hearing any decisions until June.

What this means is that soon facebook will go back to being it's normal color, and most people will forget that they got all excited today about gay marriage.  Until June, LGBTQ rights activists will be waiting with their fingers crossed, hoping for a good outcome.  Or, just possibly, they'll keep fighting just as hard as ever.

This article has a good dissection of what we can expect from individual justices.

The Chicago Tribune sums up both cases nicely, as does this one.

This article makes me nervous.

Same sex marriage and taxes, and business's opinions.

Also, I read an article earlier this week on how the supreme court might use these cases to argue that no one gets social security benefits instead of everyone, but I cannot for the life of me find that article.  It's a terrifying possibility, and if anyone's seen that article, please let me know!


  1. I tend to complain about my job a bit, but when I saw that my company was a part of the amicus brief in favor of same sex marriage, I cried and realized how lucky I am to work for them.

    I'm nervous about the rulings, to be honest. I've been reading as much as I can, and my fingers are crossed that we move forward in the direction of progress instead of backwards into a history of bigotry and anger. I've heard similar things about June decisions and all I could think was "Why do damn long?" You hear the cases for a day, and then ... three months of silence? Seriously? I'm going to need to do some further research on why there is such a gap between the hearing and the decision being handed down.

    Ugh. Getting really passionate and annoyed at the Court. Time to wind down for bed.

    I'm interested to hear how it's being covered where you are right now, actually. Is it getting a great amount of coverage, if any? Or is it mostly just appearing for you on Facebook?

    1. I kind of get why it takes them a while; I mean, they do have the whole ~ability to change the meaning of the constitution and such~. Still, I'd prefer to not wait until June.

      I haven't really seen any coverage of this on the news here. I get most of my news by following news sites on twitter and politically minded people on tumblr.

  2. The sad thing is that the ruling to uphold Prop 8 would not move us backward in time - it would simply keep us in the same place we've been since this country was founded. A ruling against Prop 8 and in favor of equality for all would mean real change - real civil rights issues being tackled. I hope they overrule it and find that the Constitution allows for equal treatment under the law. I hope.

    Kelsey @ http://harborcottage.blogspot.com