Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Village

Alright folks, I have an announcement.  I've found the coolest store ever.  It's called The Village, and it's part vintage store, part art-collective, with a skate shop, video game store, and bike repair shop inside.  The people who own it are very nice, as are the people who work there.  There are couches and a coffee vending machine, and the store doubles as a hang out place for people interested in the art/diy/skate scene.  I spent a good deal of time chatting people up here, and if I was in Inverness longer I would have stayed longer.  This is such a cool idea, and I wish they had one of these where I live.

If you find yourself in Inverness, Scotland, it's on Union street, hidden behind a bus stop.  Go say hello to Dave!

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