About Me!

About the blog
Elbows are one of the most useful, yet most underrated, parts of your body.  With your elbows, you can bend your arms, bring a good book closer to your face, and learn on a window’s ledge, watching the world around you.  They’re also one of the hardest parts of the body, and are very convenient for hitting things, making them a protective force of sorts.  Codos is the word for  elbows in spanish.  I named my blog Codos on the Windowsills for a few reasons.  First off, I love my elbows, and wanted to spread the love.  Second, sitting and looking out of windows is a really good way to pass time, especially if there’s coffee.  Instead of sitting and looking out, this is my way of sitting and looking in at my life.  Lastly, my brother and I always joked about starting a band called the Windowsills.  Since he doesn’t play any musical instrument, this remained a pipe dream.  With this, I can use our lovely band name for a different type of creative work.

About me
My name is Melissa.  I’m a 21 year old student, studying social work and spanish in the US.  I like books, movies, listening to music, making music, anything related to marching band, making clothes, wearing clothes, and making friends.  You can also find me on burda!